Creating your own legacy

Ever since we were young we’ve always been told how to act and how not to break the rules. But that’s a very limited life and I live for the truth. I have a weird obsession of finding out weird and unique ways to make my life as well others better. Cuz when it comes down to it, it’s YOUR life, and should be lived however the hell you want. It should be lived with you getting what you want, when you want, with whoever you want
When we follow what others say and act according to our external environment we subconsciously betray ourselves. We start to make bullshit stories about ourselves that are never true until we fully accept and believe them to be. 
Now, with that said, I want you to read this next sentence twice. Others will see you the way you see yourself. Period…. Everything starts with you man. I like to make things short, sweet and simplistic so I’m going to end this post with a challenge for you. You ready? Awesome! You just have to promise me something ok? You will take action on this as soon as you lock up your phone after reading this. 🙂
For the next week I want you to consciously think of yourself as the most badass person on the planet. Everyone loves your presence cuz your just so damn charming and always bring out the best in people. Your someone who lives by your own set of principles and because of that your outside matches your inside.
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Later champ,


The VISION That makes your BLOOD boil

How goes it? As im sure your answer would be nothing short of amazing. But, to be honest, I’m not writing you today wondering how your day is going.

I’m writing you regarding as to how you see your next 90 days going.

What actions have you taken to make your BIG VISION become real?

What challenging, but achievable goals have you set for yourself that will take you one step higher on your road to success?

How do you know you’re on the right path? And by “right path,” I mean the path you know will bring about the most happiness and fulfillment once you reach the top.

Is there even a top? Or is that a fictitious term others made up for you, so while you begin to settle, they can coast by once you’ve “made it.”

What will it look like once you hit the top? Will you raise the bar even higher?

Who will be in your life at this point?

How do you see yourself in the next 5, 10, or even 15 years?

What’s it going to feel like entering your brand new home you paid cash for?

Will it be on the beach?

Will it be on the land with a fishing pond in the backyard?

These are all questions to consider when mapping out your life. If you don’t consciously decide where you’re going to be in the years to come, or who your going to be, you will INEVITABLY let others choose it for you.

Don’t wait, ACT.

If mapping out your life may seem scary to you, that’s because it is and you can never know what kind of curves life will throw at you.


By you doing this, you are consciously acting in the face of fear. You will get a much more clear image of how YOU want your life to be, and if you rehearse it over and over again in your mind, your life will INEVITABLY become whatever you desire. 


Later Champ,


The “Playing it Safe” Fallacy

What would your life be like it you took no risks?

What would it feel like to see something you really wanted but decided doing nothing would be more comfortable? 

For some people, these types of questions wouldn’t bother them because they’ve already settled.

Yuck. Yuck. And Ewww.

But, for the ambitious action takers who refuse to settle, they read those questions in aggravation because they know deep down that’s just not them. 

Every 21 seconds a new millionaire is made. Why not you?

The world and even more so today, are always begging for new leaders. People who embrace risk.

People who love challenges.

People who step out of their comfort zone.

People who bet on themselves.

These are the people who embrace life and understand that the term, “safe,” is just a fallacy the weak use to put on the people moving forward in life.

When your goal striving and looking forward, that’s when your really living. 

So, before I wrap this up, I want you to always remember one thing:

Those who choose the safe route are already at the highest point in their life. 

Unless they change their whole mindset, but once accept safe, they will inevitably attract the boring.

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Later Champ,


Everything You Want is Just Waiting for You

Anything that can happen, will happen. We can’t control our external environment but we can control our thoughts and how we look at things.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. “

This is The Power Of Reframing.

  • “If I get rejected, they must just hate meeting awesome people.”
  • “I didn’t get the job because the company doesn’t like assets that bring more value to their company.”
  • “I am where I am, and although it’s not where I want to be, it doesn’t define who I am. But I know deep down my vision will become a reality.”

I think you get the point man. 

If you get nothing from this article make sure you get this:

No matter what happens to you in your life, it’s not nearly as important as the meaning you give it. 

Later Champ,


The Easiest and funniest way to expand your mind!

If we want to change the climate we live in, we could expand our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs by asking others (maybe a mentor) what they think and why, without judgment. We can listen to them and try to be in their shoes. When we do this, we learn new thought and emotion, expand and attract something different than we did with a different thought and emotional process. 

Learning from others that have the expertise, may possibly be just as important as learning about ourselves.

My Mission concerns you greatly!

As human beings its in our nature to always want more from life, but sometimes are at a lack of resources to get more. Well, I want to give you more. I want to give you more so you in turn, can be become more, and therefore receive more in avalanches of abundance. =)

Thus… Making the world a better place for all!

I want to give you more, and the only thing I want from you, is for you to take action and bet on yourself. I don’t want your money or anything like that, I’m just on mission to change the world to make the people walking around on it, self-loving badasses who love life and charm everyone along the way.

For about 3 years now it has been my obsession learning about human communication and also how to develop such a magnetic personality that makes everyone around you “just want to do more for you.” If it sounds like mind-control, it kind of is in a sense. 😉

See, as humans we all have a built-in hierarchy detection mechanism that has been installed in man ever since the stone age. Its why sometimes when you come across someone, you instantly feel inferior in a sense because of the sub-communications they gave off. They didn’t even have to say anything to you… You just knew

You just knew he was the shit because of the energy he gave off. And, inherently, you somehow felt he was.

Its called State Transference and its SUPER. SUPER. POWERFUL.

So my mission… Oh ya!

I want YOU to become that person that has an insane, delusional, amount of confidence that justs get you what you want. I wanna teach you how you can become that most badass version of yourself that attracts all the types of people that are good for you and your vision in life.

Good things do not come to those who wait… Good things come to those who are high status.

Now, if you don’t want to have that awesome magnetic energy that attracts everyone that crosses your path, I completely understand.Having girls, money, and most of all freedom to do whatever, isn’t for everyone =)

Most mediocre people will read this and say “its bullshit.” But thats just cuz they’ve already settled down in life and refuse to go any further past their comfort zone. But I already know if you’ve read this is far, you’re no where near mediocre. You’re the kind of person that refuses to settle for anything less than what you deserve. And let me tell you something else man:

What you do deserve = ALOT

Personally, I tell my comfort zone when he greets me; “to fuck off” but thats just me. I love setting challenges for myself, betting on myself, and doing things that I know make me feel uncomfortable, because thats when I know for sure that I’m growing as an individual.

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